After see the inactivity on this wiki. We (Augustolord and Wurtt Mapper) decided making a map game. After deliberating we choose the 1900´s crisis that caused de WWI as game thematic. 


  • Be respectfull with another players. Is not valid curse of insult another players
  • Just human people can play this game. If you are a bot, an AI, an alternate account or a hobbit you can´t play this game.
  • You can make free aliances, buys, solds or treaties by chat. But if you dont post it in your turn with a chat´s screenshot they are not valid
  • The turns must be realistic. If we think that your turn is unrealistic we will send you a note in the feet of your turn. If you dont change your turn after that we just do not take into account.
  • Please, have try to grammar well.
  • You can´t leave the game. If you try to leave the game we can kick you. 
  • And the most important, enjoy the game

Players and NationsEdit

  • French Republic (Wurtt Mapper)
  • German Empire (Augustolord)
  • Austrian-Hungarian Empire (Tonio  321)
  • Republic of Pepsi Machines (Fireurchin)


  • Wurtt Mapper (Major admin)
  • Augustolord (Major admin