Game will begin once we reach 15 players. There can be reserve players in case someone retires. During the game, the maximal amount of active players may fluctuate. So, I've had the idea to make a new map game after ReDi. I got my lesson from that, and I don't want this map game to be excesively crowded, because it's A PAIN ON THE ASS to manage such games. So, this game will have a limit of 20 players.

As you may have imagined by the tittle, this map game happens in the XIX century. This map game begins on January 1836, (when Queen Victoria was not even ruling, but most of the game will develop within that age, so it's nothing mean), and will continue until X point. So, there you go, I show the map now. P.s. I'll try not to be lazy and screw this out like all my former map games, but I promise NOTHING. Enjoy playing.


Picked countriesEdit

Current Naval PowersEdit


  1. You can only play 1 country + it's vassals.
  2. Turns last 4 days and are equal to six months in game time.
  3. No ASB. You need to be realistic to play this, or either you'll get a warn and ultimately you'll get kicked.
  4. You army can only grow by X% (Look at the end of the paragraph) by turn. The limit for it can be maden in a simple equation: Former Soldiers X Quality = Maximal soldiers. The economy limitates the anual growing of the army, being it allow you to increase 1/2 of it's value (Examples, Economy = 6, 3% of anual growing, Economy = 18, 9% of anual growing).
  5. The Recruited soldiers will be incorporated into the reserve army. You can send 2.000 armies from the reserve to the permanent army every year (2 turns). This may change in case of war, when you can increase the number up to 5.000, but that will make your economy fall by 0.5 points.
  6. When a country conquers another, it's army (only 1/3 of it, do not abuse) and it's recruiting potential will fall to you, increasing your initial army (of which your economy grows) with 1/3 of the armies of the conquered country.
  7. Each turn on the map game is equal to 6 months in our timeline.
  8. You can not invade an overseas nations within 1 turn. It takes one turn (6 months) to either go to Australia than to Africa, unless you use the Mediterranean sea (only accesible for Mediterranean countries, United Kingdom does not count as it has only posessions there).
  9. There is a maximum of wars you can fight in a year (2 turns), being that number 3.
  10. You need to become a naval power to start any possible colonization. It takes 5 years of hard building to become a naval power. During the building, the limit of wars you can do reduces to 2 per year, and you shall avoid naval battles, specially defeats. Every naval defeat will increase the waiting by 1 year. Oman is a special case, it's not a naval power but can colonize places in the Indian Ocean.
  11. You can expand 1 province or area per turn in the grey area (basically unhinhabited).
  12. You can only ally to 4 different countries, not more.
  13. Wars have to be realistic, taking account of technology.


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  • January: Photography begins to grow in importance for the rich, usable cameras are common
  • 19 January: The British East India Company captures the city of Aden
  • 20 January: The Peru-Bolivia confederation is dissolved following the defeat in the battle of Yungay
  • 27 January: New Grenada declares war to Venezuela
  • 30 January: The Egyptian attempt to colonize further in Somalia is defeated by the local Somalis, who settle a state
  • 24 February: The First Steam Shovel is patented
  • 4 March: Portuguese troops manage a breaktrhough across Vietnam and menace Hanoi
  • 9 March: The siege of Beijing commences by Japanese forces
  • 26 March: Naval battle of The Hague. High casualities for both British and Dutch vessels
  • 19 April: The Dutch province of Limburg enters the German Confederation, but remains loyal to the dutch monarchy
  • 21 April: Ottomans stopped in after capturing Damascus
  • 6 May: Ecuador declares war to New Grenada
  • 9 May: French economy decreases from the high cost of the recent wars
  • 17 May: An American fleet of 10 ships leaves Norfolk heading for the Azores islands. No official declaration of war is issued
  • 22 May: Qing accepts a separate peace with France, but the rebels refuse
  • 3 June: The Chinese rebels destroy the Opium the British have been commercing with China
  • 29 June: A naval battle between the Portuguese and the Americans issues in the Azores. Portugal loses 3 ships and the remaining 2 are forced back to Lisbon. The Americans lost 6 ships and ocuppied the island of Terceira with a garrison of 450 men. A second American fleet of 8 ships is prepared for a second landing and seize the islands

Portugeuse Empire: 

  • The war with the Vietnamese continues.
  • The Papau Colony is expanded ( and seperated from the Timor colony, now it has it's own Governor-General who represents the Colony in war and politics.

  • The Grand Admiral gets funds from the Crown and builds 5 new Warships, this costs the Crown greatly but not so much that it affects the people.

  •  All of the ships near Liberia except from 7 are sent to the Azores along with 1k troops and the Ships that retreated to Lisbon. The Grand Admiral is put in-charge of the Operation to recapture Terceira, banish the Americans and create a defensive line of ships around the Azores.

  • Zanzibar is bought from Oman for 0.3 Economy(

  • To try to show friendship to the Vietnamese, Portugeuse goods are brought to Vietnam, 4k Troops in Vietnam are made innactive and a Police Force is set up to stop crime in Vietnam. 

  • 26 new schools are built in Vietnam and the repair of the villages begins.

  • Naval Forces = 22 Warships(7 surrounding Liberia)(15 in Azores), 10 Transports</li></li></li></li>
  • Ground Forces = 15k Active troops (5k in Vietnam)(2k in African Colonies)(1k in Timor)(5k in Portugeuse Mainland)(1k aboard transporters in the Azores14k innactive troops.</li></li></li></li>
  • Sultanate of Oman:Edit

    </li> </li>

  • We sold Zanzibar to the Portugeuse for 0.3 Economy in return.</li></li>
  • We send all troops to Mainland Arabia</li></li>
  • All of our troops 10,000 Active 7,500 Unactive are stationed in Oman.</li></li>
  • We Declare war on Yemen and send 5,000 Troops to attack.</li></li>
  • 5,000 Troops are guarding the Mainland.</li></li>
  • 12 Economy, 10,3 Tech.</li></li>
    • Ottoman empire : A new sultan comes to power, he strifes towards progress and modernization rather than spreading Islam. His fist action was to create vassal states in Bosnia and Albania, this was to hand administration to a new government that has the capability and to stabilize the region. The sultan also wishes for Aleppo to remain blockaded untill further surrender and to hold the lines in Syria while another section of the army swoops in through Libya untill the Egyptians accept a new proposal : Egypt is allowed to undergo independent military campagins without restrictions but the Ottoman empire gains Syria, Crete and the Holy land. He also wishes to better the relations with the Russians and the Persians