The Rise of the EmpiresEdit


This is a new map game , by Starios which is in the Late Bronze Age (3000 BC) . It will hopefully attract a number of players , and we can hopefully be able to play this awesome game . 


  • No Flaming , spamming or bad messages . 
  • No OP turns , if so i will order for them to be fixed. 
  • No Unrealistic turns , like Akkadian Empire becomes fascist and conquers all mesopotamia in 1 turn . 
  • Admins will be decided by me . 

Nations ( Edit Yourself ) Edit

The Mycenean Empire - Starios

New Kingdom of Egypt - Flaming Ninja Mapping

The Akkadian Empire - KommunistKoala AP

State of the Hittites - SuperCrocomire10

The Kingdom of Persia - Tonio 321

The Empire of Ethiopia - CzarnoNaBialym(Igor Karwowski)

Volga Bulgaria - Augustolord

Illyria - Mapper Freaker