The Modern Warfare Edit

The Modern Warfare is a map game similar to Victoria 2 or Europa Universalis IV , you basically pick up a nation and you guide it to victory through modern-day politics strategy and demographics . Its purpose is a map game that everyone will log in to play ,

The Map is here :

I will only edit the map , the turns will be balanced if they are OP or too weak , there aren't any alliances so far , so make sure you make one soon !

Players :

Spain : Tonio

France : Beto99

Romania - KommunisttKoalaAP

FlamingNinjaMapping - Germany

Augustolord - Russian Federation

Poland - Igor Karwowski

Belarus : Starios

2016 Edit

Post your turns this week guys ! Edit

Spain We leave european union and start moving my armies , we Declares war on Monaco and Andorra. We send 500.000 to North Morocco and 500 to Andorra. We pay 1.000.000 in military and we try convince Portugal join me for former Iberia. We becomes communist , we kill king and people is happy. Every Partido Popular parte member is on jail. Making people happy.

Belarus We declare war on Lithuania and bring 5.000.000 of our troops near the borders , we have border battles : Lithuanian 3.000.000 x 7 = 21.000.000 ---- 5.000.000 x 7 = 42.000.000 42.000.000 - 21.000.000 = 21.000.000 : 7 = 3.000.000 We win the battle with 3.000.000 casualties. And we capture the southern provinces . We march some reserves in North Ukraine and annex some land .

We make elections and the winners are the far-left democratic party , by mr.Yura Plerkov .

Romania Romania diplomatically annexes Moldova and two provinces of Ukraine (the pre-WWII provinces) after talks. They decide to declare war on Bulgaria. After some months, Bulgaria surrenders. Romania annexes the northern half of Bulgaria and makes the southern half a puppet state. However, there were high casualties on both sides and war reparations are slow. Romania reverts back to a kingdom and improves their army and trade. They become a dominant country in Balkan politics. They also start leaning towards Russia.