Welcome to The Aftermath, a game starting at the year of 1920. World War 1 has just ended, and the world is struggling. Different empires rule over the Earth, as other countries suffer in the poverty.

Will you lead your country to glory? Or will you fall in the discrage and poverty? Only time can tell!

1920 Map


  • Be realistic. Example: If you are UK, and you declare war at Portugal, you won't be able to annex them in one single turn.
  • Be also plausible.
  • Do not go OP.
  • You can start alliances type United Nations or the Comintern.
  • Ask before joining.
  • Most important, have fun!

Players and StaffEdit


  1. Miguelhdzb22 - U.S.S.R.


  • Game Manager - Miguelhdzb22
  • Game Sub-Manager - ?
  • Mapmaker - Miguelhdzb22
  • Mapmaker - ?
  • Mapmaker - ?

Warned PlayersEdit

You appear here if you broke one of the rules.

Currently none.

Kicked PlayersEdit

You appear here if you were warned twice or if you were skipped twice.

Currently none.

Banned PlayersEdit

You appear here if you have been kicked twice.

Currently none.


Miguelhdzb22 - 

Put your name in bolds if you have already made your turn.


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