1905 Edit

Austrian Empire Edit

The austrian Empire Eases the Protest in Hungary after the name changes by giving their king more power, whisch is in real life "fake power" but they dont know that.

Make make 100 000 troops.

The Archduke just came home from a wonderful Vacatin in the Mountain of Norway and is now inspired of invading Switzerland for more beutiful Nation, and becomes the very first Nation to reqognize Norwegian Independence.

Soviet Russia Edit

  • Persia is fully conquered by Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia starts driling in desert and finding oil and good materials seells to UEA and other allies oil and becomes rich country workers hard work as never before now wee have 5 bilion$ Russia changes government into communism Wee make Dual colonies with Germany and France wee start build navies against Japan. Wee now building navies in Crimea for siege of Istambul Wee made 50 plains wee invade Ottomans and get West Arabia West Persia Armenia Iraq and wee now ready to invade Afghanistan and Japan Wee recognize Philippines as independent state.

United States of America Edit

We recluit another 1.500.000 troops and attack Japan with 500.000 . We support republicans in Portuguese civil war and Ireland in Irish rebellion. We annex Qebec and attack Dominican Republic with 30.000 soldiers and we accept Mexican proposition but if they gives me South Panama. Meanwhile we attack Nort Caatingas in Brazil with 50.000 WHrMsoldiers and fast we annex it and becomes the American Guayana . We creates a massive float and liberate Los Ángeles with 200.000 (40.000 casualities) We send every of our new float to Japan. Later , in Japan, we send 300.000 To Nagasaki and 100.000 To last Manchuria , we liberates The last land in Philippines with 100.000 soldiers and we cause Panamá , Guatemala , Honduras , Texas and jamaican rebela and send 200.000 to support him.

We send a ultimatum to Poland , If not merge with Russia , a war is coming , meanwhile WE DON'T RECOGNIZE IT.

We gain 10.000.000 from taxes.

The Dutch Empire Edit

A large amount of the army is deported to Poland to forcibly apply independence if Russia refuses to give it.

Another force is sent to Persia, and parts of it are conquered from ganglords the rest of South Persia is proposed as an independent Protectorate, if they accept they will become a protectorate of The Dutch Empire but if they do not they will be completely destroyed by the advancing Soviet armies.

France is warned that if it harms Luxembourg it will be crushed by the German and Dutch armies.

We continue building up our army hugely with whatever money that we have, so that we can be viewed as just as Powerful as our allies; Germany, USA, UK, Japan, Mexico and The Ottoman Empire.

Kingdom of Italy Edit

Italy accepts French proposial and Turkish agreement and King waited for His land's that they were taken to France.Italy takes Lybia and thanks Ottomans for their Greatness also WE RECOGNIZE POLAND as the country.They shall join Ottoman counquest on Balkan's.

France Edit

So I just advance more in Ethiopia, I capture Addis Abeba with 30.000 losts I force Ethiopia to firm this:

Treaty of Moscow I am waiting Italian Firm

I also to garantize give the lands to Italy I want 15.000 soldiers from Italy, In another case He dont will have his lands in Ethiopia.

I also send this treaty to Spain: Treaty of Ifni

I also am selling the dual administration of Gabon, Senegal, Benin and Guyana with 60 $ millon

I confirm the sell of Nice and Savoy

I menace Luxemburg

I 209.500.000$ in this turn, I finaly finish with Thailand rebels with 20.000 units.

I train all my reserve soldiers

I buy 50.000 units with 50.000.000$

Imperial Japan Edit

Japanese navy sinks all american ships in its sphere of influence, we send our troops and destroy and burn down manila . Our troops have various battles with UEA and finnaly , they march on the American East coast , together with the HUGE reserves(you let me train them tonio)we sack Los Angeles.

We annex Manchuria and build walls to prevent a Sino-Soviet invasion .

Manchurian Autonomous Province

We build walls to prevent an invasion and we ASK FOR HELP AGAINST THE ENEMIES OF JAPAN.

Greece Edit

I defend my territory with 60.000 troops. I make an alliance with Russia and I ask to Russia some help to defend me. Also, I propose an alliance with Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Rumania.

I send 2.500 rebels to Balkan and I recruit 100.000 troops for $10.000.000.

I build 2 destroyers for $12.500.000. I become a French protectorate.

German EmpireEdit

We sent 10,000,000$ to the irish resistance, i recluit 50,000 regular troops, and i sent 150,000 troops trow austria and 10 destroyers and 3 cruisers to my military base (in austria), and i sent an ultimatum to ottomans to get out from greece and bulgaria or make peace negociations whit them, and i start to train all my reserve soldiers, will be ready in 3 turns.


We recluit 50,000 troops and sent them to train, we offer the comunist rebelds in portugal a military intervencion in portugal if they give us all their colonies in africa, and we make 3 destroyers and 1 battleship.

Ottoman Empire Edit

We build big fortifications and anti - plane machines (bad english ;) ) for 5.0000$ and fortifications near Greece and Bulgaria for 7.500 but first we push some Bulgarians from Thrace and build. We make 300.000 troops for 3.000.000 and 50.000 nationalists join army, troops are put in regular to war with Russia Greece and Bulgaria. I put them into fortifications. I send aliance propose to: Dutch, Italy, Japan, Great Britain, Germany, Poland, Sweden and Norway, France, Austro - Hungary to help me. Indstury grows and we annex near sea regions in Persia to avoid Soviet troops. We recognize Ireland, Poland, Finland, Karelia, and Caucasus countries and Manchuria. Taxes - 1.30000$ ( 7.000 population growth). We build 10 battleships for 10.0000$.

1904 Edit

The Dutch Empire Edit

The Empire's wealth starts to increase hugely due to the re-integration of the Orange free state into the Empire.

The Royal family recognizes the independence of; Poland, The Baltic states, Karelia, Finland, Libya and Puerto Rico.

Seeing potential profits, we launch a small group of colonists to lower Siam to colonize a tiny amount of rebel Siamese lands.

Imperial Japan Edit

We move our ships in the coasts of China , WE RECOGNIZE POLAND , and we attack the Phillipines and crash them ! We destroy all of the local population and put japanese people there.We send army inside Manchuria and the Manchurian - Chinese border.We put our ships to protect ourselves from any invasion and we crush the chinese rebels in manchuria.

Sub Nation - Manchuria Edit

Manchuria builds walls around the borders and closes all borders to China as part of the embargo.Rebels are cruhed.

German EmpireEdit

I think that japan and his stupid son(manchuria) is a shit for this world, i call my new ally, russia to stop him, and i ask russia to pass 100,000 troops trow his territory to china, later i finish turn.

USA Edit

We makes a puppet state in rest of alive Philippines called "South Japan" for screw Japan and we send a war declaration to japan, and we make a plan to send 500.000 to main Japanese islands in a plan called "Operation Lander", we have 70.000 back to home but son they are called to attack Manchuria with 20.000 troops. We recluit 1.000.000 soldiers and gains 15.000.000 from taxes.

Money: 230.000.000 $ aprox.

Ottoman Empire Edit

Lybia is selled to Italy for 150.00$ so Ottoman takes 100.000 army and all population to main country we declare war to Bulgaria and Macedonia and attacking Bulgaria with 50.000 troops and Greece with 55.000 troops. Hail is fully conquered with 10.000 looses . WE RECOGNIZE POLAND, but we never recognized is as be annexed so it is unnecessary. We propose this peace treaty to Persia - We upardging our indstury and starting to make oil drills on Arabia so it makes Ottoman Empire to be near to industrial power. We asks Italy for Trade agreement and ask for help in balkan war wich if we win Italy can take all Pelepolonez and Greece isles. We make 50.000 troops for 50.000$ and 3 cruisers for 5.000$. We also make attack with 4 cruisers 7 destroyersand 1 battle ship attack to Athens and 70.000 regular and 100.000 reserves Athens and fully conquer it. Taxes - 154300000$

Money -1600.430.000 $ Military - 350.000 regular 700.000 reserves 1 battleship 5 crusiers, 10 destroyers, (without counted loses)

Qing DinastyEdit

We start the invasion in manchuria whit 750.000 troops, and i declare war in japan, and i start to move trow manchuria, and i ask all my allies to help me in this war like to usa.


We offer to france to make morroco a dual colony, administrated by both countries, or face war. we recluit 50.000 regular troops more and we make 3 cruisers and 5 destroyers. and we call for the support of germany in case of war, and we support qing in the war against japan.

Russian EmpireEdit

I continue whit the invasion in persia,i offer qing to buy mongolia by 50.000.000$ and i help qing in the invasion in manchuria, and i recluit 500.000 troops and i make 5 dstroyers, 3 cruisers and 2 battleships.

France Edit

I acept Spain proposal, But i propose a dual protectorate instead a dual colony (to avoid marroqui revolts) I continue menacing Ethiopia and Luxemburg of death if they dont acepts be my vassals. I also say to Spain that we can make andorra a dual colony. I also propose give Tangier to Germany in symbol of friendship.

I send Non-agretion pacts to:





I also say that I will support Japan in case of war with Qing

I also say to Thai rebels that I will support him If they acepts be my protectorate

México Edit

The goverment manages to convice Jamaica and Haiti to join Mexico and they are both annexed,many troops aremoved to the new border with Colombia.Money continues to be invested to improve industry and army quality.Urbanization also starts And the country remains neutral in most international affairs.


1903 Edit

United States of America Edit

We leave Revillagigedo and California Baja to Mexico and we attack Iceland with 10.000 soldiers. We mean defeat rebels in Florida with 10K soldiers too. We leave imperialism and countinues beigging a Republic. This causes calm into the states with more probabilities of cause rebels.

We don´t recognize to Poland as a independent state but we recognizes Ireland how a new independent state. Mean in Philippines , we make a full independent state after send 2.000 troops.

We proposes sell Qebec to some country , they can be Austria-Hungary , Germany or Romania. We gain 30000000 from taxes but we build a port in Washington from 25000000 $ (too many money I think


After Baja California and Revillagigedo were given back to Mexico,the country decides to finish the embargo on the USA,but foreign companies are still not allowed in mexican territory.The mexican president convices Panama and Jamaica to join Mezico and after Panama and Jamaica were annexed,Mexico decided to share the Panama canal with the USA but Mexico will get half of the money from the canal while the USA gets the other half.Industry reaches another level after being invested for 2 years and Mexico also invest money to improve the quality of the army.Urbanization is slowy starting too.

Imperial Japan Edit

Japan finishes off Siam with 500 casualties and we occupy all of Manchuria and the chinese border of Russia , together with the chinese part of the trans siberian railway, the Japanese Republic of Manchuria is founded and is being rulled by the Zhao dynasty of Japan.We make a new economic symbol and new money , called ΔW which is about 1,2 US Dollars.This boosts the economy and by that we make 6 destroyers and produce 3.000 troops of Q5.We embargo china.

Sub nation - Manchuria Edit

Manchuria has elections and the japanese Zhao dynasty win them.We also embargo china and we ask China to give all of its sea to japan or it shall die of thurst and hunger.We produce 2.000 men worth of 1.000 ΔW.

Portuguese Republic Edit

Portugal continues to improve the military and sends ships to the colonies.

La Plata Edit

La Plata makes many economical reforms gives more rights to its citizens and updates its industry and modernize its army.

200.000 people volonteer to serve their country and are accepted into the army and sent into the Bolivian front.

The war in Bolivia goes well thanks to the modernized army and the volonteers and we were able to occupy the Gran Chaco Province the Burdett O'Connor Province the Luis Calvo province the Hernado Siles province the Cordillera Province and the Germán Busch Province.

We also ask the Russians the UEA and the Germans for an alliance.

Map in my turn ------>

German EmpireEdit

I porpose to make a referendum in Luxemburg to make join it in germany, i earn money for all thinks and i offer to genociate all problems between my allies  and britain and allies.

If i forget something like money i put it later, i cant use the computer so many time.(augustolord)


France Edit

I just surround Canarian Islands .-., I want to make a therat with spain, I leave Canarian Islands, You make Morocco a French-Spanish protectorate. I also say to Italy that I can give Savoy and Nice if they give me 1\7 of his money and some pixels in Lybia. I continue menacing Ethiopia to invade it if it dont accept be my vassal

Qing DinastyEdit

We continue recluiting, after the hard militarization we make 250.000 regular troops more and we reach a new level of cuality thanks to the german tecnology, we make a offer to japan.



We recluit 300.000 troops and call the population to defend the nation against the french treath and we told them to find other colony apart of morroco and leave canarias islands or they will have problems, i reach new cuality and we sing alliance whit germany.

Kingdom of Italy Edit

Antonio saw the French respond so Italy gives 1/7 of it's full economy to France and they give some part's of Libya only if Italy can join on French conquest of Ethiopia if Ethiopia doesn't wasn't to be French vassal.Italy makes some reform's to citizens especialy to women's.Italy make's autonomous provinces such as Milan,Venice,Papal State and Sicily and they will do what ever they want but they are under Italian control.

Economy:121 030 000 Military:360 000 Reserves:1 000 000


Peru recruits 40,000 in army, move all of army (100,000) to Ecuador border and decaring war on Ecuador. Maked Nationalist army. (5,000)

1902 Edit

Uruguay Edit

We ask Paraguay to join us and they agree and we rename our country La Plata and we build a port and upgrade our industry.

We recruit 175.000 troops and we invade Bolivia.

We ask Argentina to give us Formosa,Misiones Corrientes , Entre Rios provinces so that our country could connect to itself for 200k

Also we ask any country for trade agreements or an alliance.

The Dutch Empire. Edit

The Orange Free state joins The Dutch Empire, the borders however, are a lot smaller than the rebels had wanted, and this was because of the British, the Regent attempts to declare war with Britain but the Emperor leaves his quarters and reminds the public that he is still in charge, borders are sealed off with Britain and the war ends once and for all! These actions anger the German Kaiser Wilhelm the Second, but German relations remain 'good'.

100,000 troops are trained.

A treaty is proposed to stop a great war - German and British Papua new Guinea will go to the Dutch Empire, The UEA will leave Indonesia, Taiwan will be given to the UEA, Japan will leave China for good and get Manchuria annexed into its empire, Quebec will be returned to the British and the formation of a Commision Of Empire's (CE) will be proposed. This is just a treaty and is yet to be confirmed.

Austrian EmpireEdit

Decides to buy Libya from the Ottomans, and declines Romanias offer to transpher Transylvania over to them and tells Italy they can give up on getting "Italian" land from us. Gives Hungary more power in the union, but the name shall still be Austrian Empire. A resistance group in Brno is found. The group is suspicioned to be larger than we think. 100 members is arrested. 

and after many debates if the army has to few mambers, The kingdom hires 500 000 new troops into the main forces.  

German EmpireEdit

Afer a hard militarization i only recluit 50,000 and sent them to reserve, i continue whit the navy, the military base in Austrian coasts is finished and i offfer Siam to put a small military base there, whit a few ships to mantein order and i advice to be prepare for worst to japan if they dont make negociations about manchuria.

sorry but later i putmoney and troops, it takes some time.

United Empire of AmericaEdit

We send a message to Cuba that says If you don't help me to rule Santo Domingo , I going to kill you' and we negotiate Puerto Rico with him.

We annex only Qebec and form my puppet state, a free state with the language freedom. And we recluit 200.000 soldiers. 60.000 for Qebec , 30.000 For New Washington , 10.000 from Puerto Rico and 100.000 for homeland. We have 240.000.000 finally with taxes.

We proposes peace to UK but mean we made of rebels in Luzon in a campaign Filipinas Libre , We support him with 10.000 soldiers. And we countinues the invasion of Dennmark and Greenland is full invaded after send another 30.000 soldiers. We create best army with 20.000.000 and we trades with Romania about Puerto Rico , if they want buy it they need invest 10 millions.

Ottoman Empire Edit

We declare war to Hail speedly deafating and annexing him. Continue expandig in Arabia WE make 35.000 more soldiers and attack Persia with 40.000 regularand 20.000 reserves speedly annexing lands beacuse all Persian military is focused on Russia, also attacking Persian coast line with ships also spped occupying territory. We move more 5.000 troops to Balkans.


-now Austrian Kingdom winning with pay 90.000$

Licytation ends at 1943

My turn on map -

Imperial Japan Edit

Japan declares war on Siam and moves 1/4 of Japan units and conquers half Siam in one year.Ourr Military advances but our economy decreases.Manchurian rebels win against China in various battles supported by Japan.We make 5 battleships for 10.000 $ . The Yang Dynasty comes to an end.The new dynasty , the Shou Dynasty rules Japan now.

Kingdom of Italy Edit

King tells France for last time to give Savoy,Nice and Corsica for 100k,to Austria Trieste,Zadar,South Tirol and western Slovenia for 200k also He decides to block Venezuelan coastline by using 10 Battleship's.


Mexico continues with the alfabetization program and the literacy rate in the country is  now of 70%,they also start to invest more in infraestructure this year (1 million) and they also convice the goverments of Honduras and Costa Rica to join Mexico peacefully,since they both agree that the people will have a better quality of life in Mexico,companies continue to be nationalized and the embargo on the USA also continues,money is started to be used to develop the quality of the troops too.They also sign an alliance with Peru and Uruguay in South America.


We will pay 75.000.000 for Transilvania. We are recruiting 60.000 troops. Taxes: 3.000

1901 Edit

Ottoman Empire Edit

I decide to sell Lybia - Rule is simply who give me more money then I sell it (licytation to the 1903). See the Ottoman Empire is fallig i expand to the Arabia. I put 50.000 soldiers in Balkans to have control with regions. I build 25.000

Imperial Japan Edit

Japanese forces capture all of Korea.Japan sends ultimatum to Siam , saying that if they attack Indonesia we declare war . We cause a rebellion against China in Manchuria , the Chinese say it is caused by Russia , so we annex Manchuria in order to protect her from both Russia and China , the annexation is peaceful and is accepted by both China and Russia.Our Financial Minister advance our economy and our ships are becoming more advanced.

We warn China to not intervere in our war in Manchuria or else they get in war too.

We Protect Indonesia and make a foretress there.


Austrian Empire As the King has understood it, The nation is at war. The king lets the German Army walk through his land. The Army is diveded in 4 groups. One group will gard the enemy borders, while the 2nd will guard the ciryes around the Empire. the two last groups have not been decided yet. all of the men in reserve is told to get ready to fight. The army in Italy comes back.


We ask the Austrian Empire by way of diplomacy provide us peacefully the region of Transylvania . Mobilize troops and prepare recruitment program . Ordered alliance with UEA .


I write my turn again , fuck you wikia , suck my dick motherfucker.

We send 100.000 trops to Canada and advance into Toronto , Ottawa and finally Qebec. I give Independence to Qebec but he stay my Puppet. We attack and conquer Winnipeg , Calgary , Vancouver and Eddmenton. We give independence to Qebec.

We leave war against Dutch and allies with them. We stop war with Britain if he give me Canadá , South África to Netherlands , Australia to Germany and give independence to Ireland. Not confirmed of this teatry going to be real.

After México kick our companies and stop trades we launch a war ultimátum. We train 100.000+ soldiers.


Porfirio Diaz is Overthrowed in a coup and democratic elections are finally celebreted,the new president starts an alfabetization program and decides to improve the quality of life of the people.Lands are given to the campesines,low salaries are increased and the army is also increased by training 80,000 troops.Since the new president is a very good diplomat,he manages to convice Honduras and El salvador to join Mexico.However,after the UEA invaded Canada,Mexico embargoes all the products sold to the USA,stops trade with them and nationalizes Oil,kicking USA companies out of Mexico,they also trade again with Germany after peace with the Dutch was signed.However Dutch people become unpopular with most of mexican people.They join the Triple Alliance with UK and Japan.

Kingdom of Italy Edit

After the revolution's end,The trade routes have been finally built.Italy gives 15k to San Marino for Full annexation.The King seen the Ethnic revolution's in Austria so they are supporting the Italian rebels hoping to gain the Italian-speaking lands.Italy gives 40k to France if they give Savoy,Nice and Corsica,Italy also wishes to trade with France,Ottomans and Austria with Gold,Recourses and Oil.Italy decleares Neutrality even if it is in the Entetate Alliance(Triple Alliance).

Economy:151 030 000 Military:360 000 Reserves:1 000 000

The Dutch EmpireEdit

Peace is restored throughout the empire with a treaty being signed with Germany and the UEA, The treaty (known as The Treaty of Brussels and Luxembourg city) returned all of the dutch mainland (minus Luxembourg) to the Dutch Empire, gave Luxembourg Independence as a protectorate of Germany, ceded the Congo Free state to Germany, and created an unconditional 5 year peace agreement and military alliance with Germany and The UEA.

The Emperor has been seen less ever since the treaty was signed, private accounts claim that 'he was bullied into signing the treaty and feels guilty for leaving thousands of lives under German control', however, his second son (who acts as regent due to the absence of the first son and heir who was last seen boarding a private ship to Britain and the fact that the Emperor refuses to leave his quarters,) has said that his father has been 'Under the weather' and that the signing of the treaty was 'optional', that 'there was smiles throughout the room at the signing' and that his father was happy to be signing 'a friendship that will last forever'.

Regent Alexander pleads for the British to accept the transfer of South Africa to us (The price can be agreed upon by them)in order to stop a war, he also asks that they do 'ANYTHING' to stop war with Germany and the UEA!

German EmpireEdit

I make 550,000 more troops, 300,000 go to train, i accept british offer of trade, and i sent 100,000 troops trow Austrian territory and i build a military base in the croatian coasts, and i sent 1 battleship, 3 cruisers, 10 destroyers and 20 transports there, and i condem japanese invasion in corea and manchuria, and i warm to be carefull to the UEA whit revolts and the countries they declare war, and i start to sell military tecnology to Spain and Qing Dinasty(NOT FREE, LATER I PUT COST), i sent 50,000 troops to crush rebelions in Congo and i set them in africa, and i start to spend money to reach new cuality.

later i put money and troops, i dont have time.

Qing DinastyEdit

I warm Japan and condem them as expansionist and as an agresive nation, i start to recive german tecnology and i offer Siam military alliance to protect him against European and Japanese Imperialism, and i sent an ultimatum to Japan to Leave Manchuria or face war.


I start to recive german military tecnology and i recluit 150,000 troops more and sent them to train, also i built 3 cruisers and 10 destroyers, and i continue my advance trow marocco, and i enter in german aliiance, and i offer UEA trade agreements, and i offer Portugal to buy his colonies in africa.

1900 Edit

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Austro-Hungarien Empire

In real History the King of Austro-Hungary was an old guy, which was horrible at being a King. That King dies in this year. The New Archduke, Franz Ferdinand, is crowned. The new Archduke Also allows all of the ethnicly different cultures around the Empire have their own local Parliment to prevent rebels. Milirarises the Austro-Serbian border for an invation of the country. Militarises the Border with Russia as tension between the two nation araises. Austro-Hungary helps Italy to not fall to anarchism Austrian forces are arresting any Anarchist in Venice and norht-East Padania to help Italy out. Austria and Liechenstein sign a treaty that says: Austria will not Invade Liechenstein. money: 150 000 000$ Army: 350 000 and 1 000 000

United Empire of America (Imperial Republic) Edit

The First Major decides change name of USA to UEA and sends 2000 trops to Brunei and conquer it full. They declares war on Liberia and sends 10.000 trops , 5.000 survivors going to live tere for support the colony. They sell The Philippines to Japan by 28 millions. (Except Manila) Manila probably go to uses for pay a trade with Argentina about South Orkney (11 millions ) and buy Ryukyu islands to Japan by 500 thousands $. An they sells Texas to Mexico for 18 millions.

The Emperor is selected: Antonio V The Trader is the first emperor. They are leaving the philippinian , Boxer and Acre war. They proposes allianze to Russia , Germany , Romania , Ottomans and Dennmark. They uses all their current ports. They buy Revillagigedo to Mexico for 0'5 millions and creates the state of Revillagigedo .

If somebody wants buy Guam Im in the chat or leave a message in my wall. Their cost is 2 millions or 1 million and some territory. And finally they sells Alaska to Russia by 60 millions.

They declares war on The Netherlands and fast invade Borneo with 15.000 mans (5.000 survivors) and annex it. If their alliance wants attack me , I have strong allies. Mean I close mu trade wit Argentina. And attacks Indonesia with 20.000 man.

They reclutes 100.000 soldiers and trains 200.000

Military:223.000 Units

Money: 244.000.000

--Tonio 11:59, March 21, 2015 (UTC)

Flag: 125px-Flag_of_the_Confederate_States_of_America_%281865%29.svg.png

The Dutch Empire Edit

A Plebiscite is held in Brussels due to the ever-growing threat of the German Empire on their borders, 87% Of all Dutch participants in both Belgium and the Netherlands agree to a united empire, who's aim is to protect Millions from German aggression (Because everybody knows that if the sea cities fall, so does The Western world, Kaiser Willhelm II will die)

The King of the Netherlands drives through the Brussels and is greeted with flowers and never-ending cheers.

The prince of the Dutch Empire is enlisted as the foreign affairs manager, and announces an alliance with the Great British Empire, 70,000 Dutch troops are sent to aid Britain in the Irish revolution, and 75,000 troops are sent to occupy Luxembourg, the Lux King is told to stand down to refrain from casualties, and the remaining troops (that were sent to Luxembourg but that didn't stay in Luxembourg) are sent to the Dutch-German border.

Women all over the Empire are given equal rights, dramatically boosting the public relations.

Russian Empire Edit

Russian Empire Russian Empire start atack North Persia which have good resourses atacking with 100 000 soldiers Russian Empire allied with USA Mexico Japan and more Russian Empire had 300.000$ Russian Empire buys Alaska from USA and start making armed forces against UK.

☀Only 10.000 casualities in the battle for Perdían North

Imperial Japan Edit

Japan buys the Phillipines from U.E.A for 28 k and quickly march their troops there.Japan declares war on Korea and uses battleships to blockade the coasts and ports,while the army pushes from the south.In 1 year they manage to take all of S.Korea with loses of 457 men.Japan uses almost all of the money to make a HUGE military which will be produced half-half in the next year(1.000.000 in this turn , 1.000.000 in next.)We make a new tax so we can claim 10 $ from anyone living in the country.Japan decides to make a new government called Imperial Republic.

Emperor : Lee Yang

Foreign Minister : Brush Yang

Economic Minister : Shu Yang

We join the British side alliance , we will produce another great amount of military but we are out of money ... only 50.000 $ remaining. But the army makes us 4th in the World and 4th in the Great Powers.
Liberian Invasion

Liberian Invasion

Kingdom of Italy Edit

With the tensions in Italy,the King sends 20000 troops to kill the revolutionaries.Italy buy's Savoy and Nice from France for 10k.Italy is building the trade routes:Milan-Lion,Veneto-Salzburg and Palermo-Tripoli for 20k.As Italy is part of Triple Alliance,Italy calls Japan to join the Triple Alliance.With that,Italy can boost it's economy in 1 year.

King: Vitorio Emanuel II of Savoy

Foreign Minister: Ricardo Emanuel

Economic Minister: Antonio Emanuel

Economy:149 070 000 Military:360 000 troops Reserves:1 000 000


The Mexican goverment signs an alliance with UK,Russia and  Japan,but later they break all their alliance because of the menace of a world war coming,so they decide to stay neutral and insolationist but they keep the trade with the UK and also start trading with Germany and USA.The President Porfirio Diaz decides to militarize the country and they recruits 300,000 new troops.Later,they buy Belize from UK and Texas from the USA,in return they sell Revillagigedo to the USA.Mexico also invades Guatemala and annex it,but they lost 5000 troops.

Argentina Edit

The Argentinian Government announces that South Orkney is sold for 10 millions, and Manila is buyed. Also, Florida is buyed for 18.5 millions. The government starts spending 5 million on its infaestructure, also 2 new ships, the Light Crusier ARA Alba and the Battleship ARA Ariete are planned for building. The army is recruiting more soldiers.

Portuguese Republic Edit

The Portuguese King D.Carlos I is assasinated by republicans, in November of that month the Portuguese Republic is proclaimed!

Portugal is start to improve his army and his economy, many people are planing a new type of ship... the Batteship LUSITANIA NOSTRA

We ask to The Dutch Empire if they want to give all timor in excange of Cabinda in Africa

German EmpireEdit

I see the the Duch Empire as a threat for the german people, and i see the "peaceful" occupation as an agresion to the german population in luxemburg, so i recluit 350,000 troops and i sent them to train, and i sent the war declaration to the Duch Empire.(-35.000.000$)(I invade Duch on 19 of August)

Camping: I attack allong the entire Duch border whit 300,000 regular troops and 500,000 reserve troops, because, the invasion go fast i face the entire Duch army, epcept of 70,000 in Britain, Battle:

German Army:300,000*10+(500,000*7)=6,500,000

Duch army:175,000*5+(240,000*4)=1,835,000


Germany lose 250,000 troops. After tree months days of invasion i reach Bruselas, and i stop my army out of Amsterdam, if The Duch doent surrender and accept my conditions the army will invade and destroy the city.

-All Duch colonies are given to Germany and Usa (usa declare war too, read his turn)

-Belgium becomes independent and becomes a german puppet state, Netherland can annexe some lands of Belgium.

-Luxemburg becomes a German puppet.

-Duch Empire give a few territories in the border, and you musn t pay war reparations.

Map:mXJaBj1.png (989×577)

After this i start a naval program, i build 5 battleships, 10 cruisers,25 destroyers and 10 transports,( and i earn 312.000.000$, and i call all my allies to support me in this war, and i sent britain a offer if they doesnt join in the war i will give them 10.000.000$, if they want to change the ammount just tell me, and i create an alliance whit USA, Russia, Austria Hungary, Italy, Serbia and Qing, and i offer all countries to join if they want to.

Economy:-130.250.000$ military: 500.000 regular and 2.100.000 reserve (350.000 going)

Denmark Edit

Denmark starts to improving their army, as they buy 50,000 more mens to join army ( i don't know how much it would cost.) they also start to improving their quality, and send some soldiers 5,000 soldiers to greenland and 1,000 to St. Thomas. They also ally with Britain.


I sent a alliace request to Germany, i start to make new infraestructure to have better industry (-3,000,000$), i start to make a concript program to recuit 500,000 regular and 1,000,000 reserve in 5 turns (-150,000,000$) and i start to invade morroco whit an anphibius assaut in weat and north coast, and i offer to germany to give him 10,000,000$ to reach new cuality in the army.

Economy: 83.906.000 Military:250.000

Qing DinastyEdit

I start to recluit 1,000,000 troops in the regular army, and 3,000,000 in reserve army, i sent 1,000,000 troos reserve to Korea and help against Japanese invasion, and i start a naval program to make 3 Battleships, 5 Cruisers, 25 Destroyers and 10 transports in 5 turns, and i sent alliance to UEA  and Germany, and start to make new industrial infraestructure, and i want to buy military tecnology to Germany and Russia giving them 30,000,000$.

Money:1,373,250,000 Military:5.200.000


Siam, considering that it is surrounded by foreign powers, builds up a military. They ally with Germany, who is attacking the Netherlands, hoping to be able to intervene and attack Indonesia.


We didnt decided what side choose for the moment, and we hope to avoid a global war, we recluit 50,000 troops, and i build 5 destroyers and 1 battleship, and i offer tribute to Ethiopia(be my vassal).

Economy:194,250,000 Military:550,000 Regular, Reserve:2,150,000(50,000 more comming)

Great Britain Edit

We buy 100,000 soldiers for a 10,000,000 million dollars. we also send 50,000 troops (regular) to ireland to destroy rebels. we also start building more ships, building one battleship, and 4 transporter (26,000,000 millions?) and we also build military base on Malta to keep peace on Mediterrain sea. We also offer a trade agreement with German Empire. We also ask from Bhutan, Brunei and Nepal to join Great Britain Imperium. We also ask from other countries from Eight Nation Alliance, that do we let Boxers to capture Qing dynasty, or do we fight back against them. We also send 50,000 troops from African colonies to South Africa to fight against Boers.


Polandball 1

This maybe stats WW1!!!


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