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Every newspaper will have 10 pages or more. We want release to players more news that in event table. You can do your own newspaper if you didn't put irrealistic notices. Every Newspapers have to be national , only one can be for events.



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USA sends a non agresión pact to URRS after invasión of Canada. This can cause more peace in this world .

USA retires the war ultimatum to Switzerland.


English Football League's first edition ends with New York FC winner after won the last match 1-0 against Denver Rovers.



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Democratic Empire of Japan ( The Tokyo News )Edit


" The Yellow Peace " Edit

Japan and China finnaly reach peace , According to the emperor , Yan Shou , "After 5 Years of fighting we finnaly reach a state of peace , we are still crying for the victims , every war is unique , but this one was pointless " And blamed the emperor of former-manchuria Hou Xianzhi , for causing the war , " Manchuria was created to maintain peace between China and Russia and not a war" He stated . The emperor also stated that " Manchurian rebels were NOT founded by Japan but from Korean revolusionnaries that wanted Japan out of Korea " . Anyways , the peace will be on effect by the 1st January 1914 . 

"Indonesia sacked ! " Edit

After a short war , indonesia finnaly comes into japanese controll . The people of indonesia are happy that they are not a colony anymore . Elections will be held next summer , for 8 cities so we can finnaly see who is going to be the Mayor of these cities . From the other hand,  the far- left Communist party stated : " We must not show mercy ! They supported the Americans ! We must not give them ANY right ! , They are under our controll now ! "