This is a map game created by Tonio 321. We going to suffer other great war in this world. The game starts in 1937. Try to be realistic. Join for fun!!!

1 turn = 1 month

Max. Army for recluit = 1.000.000


augustolord-Nazi Germany


PrinceStarios - Saudi Arabia

Igor - Sweden

Flaming Ninja Mapping - UK

KKAP - Japan

Lithuania - France

'Tonio 321-''''Soviet Union

Asdf Mapping-USA



Wurtt/Polska-Faccist Spain


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Map Edit

1938 (2)


Country ListEdit


Afghanistan - Kingdom of Afghanistan

Albania - Albanian Kingdom (to April 12)
Andorra - Principality of Andorra
Argentina - Argentine Republic
Australia - Commonwealth of Australia (Dominion of the British Empire)


Belgium - Kingdom of Belgium
Bolivia - Republic of Bolivia
Brazil - Republic of the United States of Brazil (Vargas Era)
Bulgaria - Kingdom of Bulgaria


Canada - Dominion of Canada (Dominion of the British Empire)

Ukraine Carpatho-Ukraine - Carpatho-Ukraine (from March 15 to March 18)

Chile - Republic of Chile
China - Republic of China
Colombia - Republic of Colombia
Costa Rica - Republic of Costa Rica
Cuba - Republic of Cuba

Czechoslovakia - Czecho-Slovak Republic (to March 15)


Danzig - Free City of Danzig (to September 2)
Denmark - Kingdom of Denmark
Dominican Republic


Ecuador - Republic of Ecuador
Egypt - Kingdom of Egypt
El Salvador - Republic of El Salvador
Estonia - Republic of Estonia


Finland - Republic of Finland
France - French Republic


Germany - German Reich
Greece - Kingdom of Greece
Guatemala - Republic of Guatemala


Haiti - Republic of Haiti
Hatay State - Hatay State
Honduras - Republic of Honduras

Hungary - Kingdom of Hungary


Iceland - Kingdom of Iceland

Iran - Imperial State of Iran

Iraq - Kingdom of Iraq

Italy - Kingdom of Italy


Japan - Empire of Japan


Latvia - Republic of Latvia
Liberia - Republic of Liberia
Liechtenstein - Principality of Liechtenstein
Lithuania - Republic of Lithuania
Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


Mexico - United Mexican States
Monaco - Principality of Monaco
Mongolia - Mongolian People's Republic


Nepal - Kingdom of Nepal
Netherlands - Kingdom of the Netherlands

New Zealand - Dominion of New Zealand (Dominion of the British Empire)

Nicaragua - Republic of Nicaragua
Norway - Kingdom of Norway


Panama - Republic of Panama
Paraguay - Republic of Paraguay
Peru - Peruvian Republic

Poland Poland - Republic of Poland (to September 28)

Portugal - Portuguese Republic


Romania - Kingdom of Romania


San Marino - Most Serene Republic of San Marino
Saudi Arabia - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Siam (to June 23), Thailand (from June 23)

Kingdom of Siam (to June 23)

Kingdom of Thailand (from June 23)

South Africa - Union of South Africa
(Dominion of the British Empire)
Soviet Union - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

Spain (Disputed between two governments to April 1)

Spanish Republic (to April 1)
Spanish State
Sweden - Kingdom of Sweden
 Switzerland - Swiss Confederation


For Thailand, see Siam.

Turkey - Republic of Turkey


United Kingdom - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
United States - United States of America
Uruguay - Eastern Republic of Uruguay


 Vatican City - Vatican City State
Venezuela - United States of Venezuela


Yemen Yemen - Mutawakkilite Kingdom of Yemen

Yugoslavia - Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Turns Edit


January 1937Edit


  • Tensions into France and Germany.
  • Nationalism Army of Spain advances to east.

Soviet UnionEdit

A new age was came , we send army To Spanish Republic only for support and recluit 1.000.000

We propose TO Germany and Czecklslovakia divide Poland .

Faccist Spain

We continue with the Spanish civil war. I recluit 1.000.000 and Asturias is taked in the Battle of Oviedo with 500.000 casualities. Cantabria surrenders too and is taked without casualities.

We ask too Germany and Italy about send army to fight against Republicans. 


The general Pedro Ramírez gives a coup d'etat against the government and puts himself on the power. He abolishes the elections and democratic process, still Argentina is called a Republic. To solve the global economical crisis, we increase trade with the European and American nations, specially the meat industry, which is given state funding. We remain in a neutral position within the Spanish Civil war, but we try to trade with both sides and give them weapons. Heavy industries are beginning to be built around the big cities of Mendoza, Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Rosario, Corrientes and Jujuy. These new industries are centered in the army and give a job to the until now increasing number of jobless people. The industries build weapons like fusiles and we start with a big naval industry in order to preserve our trade with foreign powers. Pro-Natalist mesures are taken hoping to increase the population, and we ofer free refugee to the Spaniards who want to exile from their country due to the civil war.

 USA: FDR continues with his new deal programs, as the Great Depression begins to end. Cuba is re-annexed into the USA as the 49th state. FDR and congress think Fascist Spain is a threat to democracy everywhere, so te USA recruits 1.000.000 soldiers and sendS 3/4ths of it to Republican Spain to help them out. The USA requests an alliance with the UK and the Soviet Union. The USA offers to buy the carribian colonies of the UK and other colonial powers.

Germany: we continue whit our massive military program, we accept to divide poland whit urss but no land to checoslovaquia ( will be annexed next year), in 1940 we will  attack, blitzcrieg tactics are sent to facist spain and panzer 3 too, and we sent more planes to the condor legion. I offer argentina military tecnology (in secret).

Febrouary (idk how TO write it xD) 1937Edit

Events: -Poland annexes Danzig and Declares war on Czeckslovakia because had a street conflict with him.

-Soviet football League is creates and Sparta Minsk wins it.

-China first major is murdered by a japanese spy.

-Third Mexican Empire is founded after invade the Ex-USCA States and becomes fascist.

-A boat explodes in Las Palmas coast.

-A shark kill 6 citizen in Puerto Rico

-A great car accident leaves 12 deaths in South Dakota.


We bomb the franconist bases in Equatorial Guinea , we accept alliance with the USA , we recluit 1.000.000 and proposes a new deal to Germany about he annex Czeckslovakia and I gain Carpato-Ukraine , we build a fort in Moscow and preparing operation Tannu's ends and surround Tannu Nuva causing their annexion. We make propaganda for convert Brazil and Siam commies States.


As we don't want any influence within our country, Pedro Ramírez prohibites all political parties and proclaims himself as dictator of Argentina and gives places in the government center to generals and high commanders of the army, converting the country in a military dictatorship. As the new industries are built across the country, there is the need of more railways and connections, thus, 1,000 new kilometers of railways are built. The harbor of Buenos Aires is increased and a military harbor is built in Río Gallegos. The European emigrants and exiliated population of Spain are placed in Patagonia and are given a work in oil prospections, which objective is to make Argentina oil self-suficient. We send meal provisions into the Spanish civil war, leaving both sides to receive them and to leave them to the side which pays the most. A new modernization of the army starts and we build our first tanks based on German models seen in Spain. The new tank is called the "Nahuel DL-43" model with a big 100-milimeter cannon desgined to break through the defenses of other tanks.