ROH - Resistance of Humans MarketEdit

Here you buy and view prices of various things such as Soldiers and Tanks and stuff, and how much it costs to upgrade your armies and navies. please do what it takes or you will get kicked out of the map game.



an average soldier for your army, 100 soldiers cost 1000$ 


an average tank for your army, 10 cost 1000$


Battle Ship

the battle ship is the main sea ship and the strongest, 1 costs 100$

Transport ship:

used to transport 500 soldiers per ship, 10 cost 100$

How much money do you have?Edit

Every asian country starts with 1,800,000$

Every Alien country starts with 4,000,000$

Every african country starts with 800,000$

Every american country starts with 1,200,000$

All Arabian countries start with 1,000,000$

All other countries not mentioned start with 1,200,000$