The Pact of Helsinki is a military alliance which obejetives are bringing socialists and communist countries closer,bringing them aid when they need it and try to spread communism around the world for the world revolution.The Headquarters are located in Teheran,Iran and it was founded in 23th,October,1911in the Conference of Helsinki,were all the members agreed to sign the Pact for the creation of the Organization.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Rules and Active Resolutions in this page is confidential and only member states know them (except for the stats,members and rules,that information is open to the public),by this,if you read the proposals or active resolutions and you are not a member and you let them affect your gameplay IT WILL BE CONSIDERED CHEATING (In simplier words,you are not supossed to know anything about the propossals/active resolutions in the game if you are not member)
World socialist flag by frankoko-d4u7h7o



  • USSR
    • Leader
  • Iran
    • Host
  • Finland
  • Socialist Sverymark
  • People's Republic of Arabia
  • Ethiopian People Republic
  • Communist Sudanese Republic
  • Socialist Republic of Romania
  • Socialist Italian Republic
  • Communist Pakistan
  • Mongolia
  • Democratic Republic of Korea
  • Democratic Empire of Japan
  • Sandinista Republic
  • Brazilian Popular Republic
  • Socialist Argentinian Republic


1. Only Communist/Socialist countries of any kind can join the organization.

2. We do not accept countries that sends people to gulags or discrimanates minorities.

3. All the members are required to assist each member in war if their territorial integrity is menaced by foreign forces.

4. Only the Leader has the power to kick or accept new nations into the Organization.

5. All members can create proposals and vote on them (Only the player-controlled ones,vassals do not count)

6. There are 3 options when voting on a proposal:1."For",2."Decline" and 3."Abstain".

7. It is not mandatory to be a Soviet Vassal to join,but it is required to be Communist/Socialist as rule No.1 states.

8. Member countries are free to add their vassals (if they are communist/socialist) in the organization withouth needing to ask the leader


The Helsinki Pact

9. When a proposal reach 2/3ds or more "for" from the votes,it is passed and becomes an active resolution.

Active ResolutionsEdit

Passed Propossals will appear here.


None for now.