NFE Start

The current map. (Pre-Turn 1)

In May and June of 2015, most of the admins on the TFOE wiki become inactive while 5-6 noobs join each week! Soon, wiki wars and factions make a comeback. Of the old factions, the HDA, GCA, and TRA return. The noobs also found their own alliances, including the UMUM (United Mapping Union of Mapperdonia), founded by DialgaFan2015, a noob who joined in May. To join the game, join any one of the existing factions below (You can only found your own faction once you are already in the game). You may also create RP characters (noobs) in various factions.

Joinable FactionsEdit

HDA (Happy Dancing Alliance)Edit

  • Olimario
  • ArceusFan1250 (Flaming Ninja Mapping)
  • Rongong666 Fapping (Sunny)
  • SunnyKunt666 (Rongong)

GCA (Goddamn Commie Alliance)Edit

  • Zak Life the Mapper (Monsoonjr99)
  • Sunburn9003 (Flaming Ninja Mapping)

TRA (The Rogue Alliance)Edit

  • MrOpretandPymboy (Flaming Ninja Mapping)

DMU (Diamond Mapping Union)Edit

  • Diamond Mapping (Monsoonjr99)
  • Monsoonjr99 (Himself)

KMA (Kebab Mapper Alliance)Edit

  • Kebab456 Mapping (Monsoonjr99)

UMUM (United Mapping Union of Mapperdonia)Edit

  • Arceus Fan (Java Sea)


  • Althist Empire
  • Sunburn Kingdom
  • Nicole Duchy

Gameplay RulesEdit

Each turn is a week in-game time. There are four turns a month. The game starts in the first week of July. (e.g. July week 1, July week 2, etc.)

Gameplay is simultaneous, and each turn lasts a day in real time. If a faction doesn't make their turn by the end of a day, their turn is skipped.

Factions function just like real factions did. You decide if your faction is democratic and every member has a say in your faction's moves, or if your faction is a dictatorship run by the leader, and all other members are just soldiers in war.

Don't be ridiculous when taking land or declaring war.

The GameEdit

Turn 1: Week 1, July 2015Edit

Waiting for players to join...

Flags, Descriptions, etc.Edit