New Europe EraEdit

  1. New World Britain
    New europe era map game2
  2. Yera Poladde
  3. Feray & Germi
  4. New Order Masorpia Flaming Ninja Mapping
  5. Greka
  6. Adriatya Repubikka
  7. Ukrania
  8. Kalmaria
  9. Skane
  10. Norde
  11. Ita North
  12. Ita South Bradgeography
  13. Vigiond
  14. Siberiona
  15. Moscona
  16. Sisile


  1. Choose a country from (up) to sort your Country
  2. Follow Rules (down)
  3. All finished


  1. Play fair and nice
  2. No mean behaviour
  3. Dont be crazy
  4. No nukes, unfair with countries without them
  5. Only 3 people maxed in a alliance
  6. Only 3 people maxed in Non-Agression pacts
  7. Do not mess up game
  8. Have fun
  9. Try not to break a rule

Turn orderEdit

Bold: It's your turn!

italic: been skipped

(Bracketed:) on vacation. no skipped penalty

[Square bracketed:] Warned or Banned

  • Asterixed:* Doesnt want to play anymore

/Slashed\ Skipped in too many turns, out of game.

Bradgeography-Flaming Ninja Mapping-


Bradgeography (Everything EXCEPT flagmaker)

FNM (FlagMaker)


screw this, turns start but joining allowance till' April 15th

Ita South: We prepare troops for war on Ita North to form Itese Kingdom. We have a Poll to split up Itese Kingdom, which the two countries will be "New Order South Takunovia" and "Novorgorodia" (if split up, then ill be NOST).