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History Edit

27 June 2089: WW3 ends , the Soviet front won the war , just commie Mexico becomed a Empire after defeat USA in Houston Battle with Mexican Victory (Peñanieto II decided that Mexico becomes a empire) and Countinues rissing with the emperor Abraham de Rio Grande or Abraham I.

29 August 2089: Soviets starts McKinley Operation and attacks Alaska (Later of these war , Siberian Khanate gained independence) and created a puppet state in these lands. (Alaska countinues being a puppet state).

12 November 2089: NATO falls after USA surrender (China occupied Washington) and nuke Florida. The last NATO forces won last battle in Brazil (Belmonte Battle) but they're out. South Brazil has occupied by Soviets and they're divides it. North Brazil (Capitalist) , South Brazil (Communist).

32 December : 32 December is declared how new Last Year Day and 31 Decembers is remembered how last manifestation day in the Soviet State. But also these day , after nukes and radiation attacks in WW3 , all goubernaments declared radiation danger FOREVER. Now , let's survive.