In this page you can see all HISTORIC wars in every 2015-2150 period.

  • Jabrilian Rise: Pro-Imperialist people start a war with All Arabics Countries and Jabrilians woned and founded their caliphate after the war. 2016-2020
  • French Civil War: Communism rised in France (South) and after created the Lyonnese Pact. Occitania people's Republic or South French Republic has founded.2019-2022
  • Wales War: After Scottish independence , the Scottish Republic has established and Wales started and Won a revolution. Also for economic reasons , Britain needed sales Northern Ireland to Irish Republic but finally splited up into England. 2022- 2024
  • Second Mexican-American war: Mexicans conquered their olds land in this long war. 2025-2037
  • World War 3: 2039- 2143 Just longer and bloodiest war in history with 1.938.193 Casualities has a disgrace: Soviet Front wonned and arrives communism but losted Siberia.
  • The Tibeton: Tibet started and failed a revolution that finish with 65.000 , most bloody than WW1. Tibet attacked for leave China but they failed. (2026-2029).
  • Kolombus Claimed: Cuba backs to Spain in a polemic referendum and yes wined with 59% and (2026) and a war started for back to independence. Separatist losses but in 2031 Cuban Union becomed independence. Cuban Union is not recognize by USA. (2026-2028)