The Map you can use for your Turn is in the Turn Section!


Youre not allowed to edit the Map,only the Turn Section and the Diplomacy

Your Capital is marked with a Yellow dot(if a yellow countie then a blue one) If your enemy occupy your capital you lose -30 warscore.

You can only play as one Countrie(except if you have Marches,Vassal, Personal Unions or Splittings)

In the Diplomacy Sections you may ask for Military Acess,Allying,Send Warnings etc(based on eu4)

In the Diplomacy Section you see your Countrie Infos

If a Countrie had +3 National Rebbelion Chance and their Rebels got 100% Rebellion Chance and if a other Countrie supports them(with money) the supporter can play as rebels too(and their countrie)

You can change your Name and Flag,by National Decision or manually)

Your Military is marked with a green dot and under or uper the dot the number of the armies(1 number=1000 soldiers)

You may split up in two nations and play both.

NPC Countries are played in every turn,you can only play in one turn as 5 nations,however you cant control them!

Per Province you get +1 Army and +10 money at the start ,however you can expand them with Buildings,but they cost Money.

Per Province you get +1,5 Economial Money!

Per 1 Army you lose -1 Economial Money

In a War per sieged Province you get +1 warscore

In a War per winned Fight you get +2 Warscore

Having in a War all Provinces of the Enemy sieged you get +90 Score!

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Germany(Philipp Mapping):


Wars:German Prussian War(Germany VS Poland) Score(+3)


National Revolt Chance:-1.00



Philipp Mapping-

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