• Monsoonjr99

    Ded Wikia

    February 6, 2016 by Monsoonjr99

    Dis Wikia is of need le revive.

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  • Ombc297

    fot bol

    February 6, 2016 by Ombc297


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  • Flaming Spaghetti Monster

    ded (2)

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  • Thelolistan


    July 26, 2015 by Thelolistan


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  • EvergeenMapping

    I am now a Goner, I know what it feels like...

    Before you ban/block me, I just need to say that I'm sorry I spammed pages, and my only half-witted excuse is that I was a little giddy, perhaps a Prozac overdose. Or maybe just weekend joy, but anyways, I hope I'll see you all Tuesday, and that by then  you will have accepted this apology.

    Goodbye (for 3 days. Without forgiveness, however, this will become forever)


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  • Lithuania12

    Holy shit...

    May 27, 2015 by Lithuania12

    Hi guys , today wee notice that May is going to end very soon and gonna be June so.... 9 days left when school ends

    so we don't need go to school and months are going to fast i think summer will be short.


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  • Lithuania12

    i will tell you why i was rude racist

    So when i joined chat everything was good 

    after some days David and Sunny start insulting Lithuania's army for being weak and then get into conflict insulting each other 

    February 13 i posted on chat my new video David start insulting me for no reason he chated romanian language.

    February 14 conflict still going on i think and i was on afk so GoldenRebel25 banned me David made screenshots.

    March *day* i don't remember Knight607 gived me a link of his channel i'll watched his channel and got bored after that GoldenRebel25 bans me again for being rude.

    April 12 i was afk and GoldenRebel25 banned me again so i was going to his wall asking for what i got banned then me banned again.

    but finnaly GoldenRebel25 lea…

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  • Winston Mapper

    IP Blocked?

    May 19, 2015 by Winston Mapper

    Could somebody tell me why my account is blocked on TheFutureOfEuropesWiki? I can't see anything in the block log or in the IP block list? Also, I can't see that I am blocked on my User page.

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  • Tonio 321

    I leave TBotC

    May 4, 2015 by Tonio 321

    So I think I'm causing this game worst so I leave the game because I'm tired of this game. Thia game sucks because... 

    -Unrealistic The turns including mine are unrealistic , causing This game boring.

    -Players I'm causing angry to rest to admin and players including my allies in TBotC. So don't say Oh , Im not angry with you because you know EVRYONE FUCKING here is angry with me.I will leave the game in 5 or 6 turns for say recluit troops.

    What will happen with my lands??

    Oh , so easy , I will cede...

    5.000.000 Soldiers to A-H

    Mainland: USA

    Liberia: Spain

    Guam: France

    Greenland and Iceland: A-H

    West Yemen: Germany

    Jewland: Germany

    Ryuku Islands: 1/2 Japan and 1/2 Qing

    Cuba: A-H

    Occupied land in Canadá: USA

    Occupied land in Australia: A-H

    JI leave game but I sta…

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  • Tonio 321
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  • Mart301

    After some think, I decide that I do not leave TBOC.

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  • Mart301

    I leave TBOC.

    April 29, 2015 by Mart301

    See this:

    If you see, i leave TBOC (Tonio, Augustolord and SinderKinder, please see the newspaper) Thanks, Mart301

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  • EthanKoenigsberg

    I'm too bored so I want to turn my blank map (my Alternate History of the World one) into a map game. Of course, America is lacking civilisations...

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  • Tonio 321


    April 12, 2015 by Tonio 321

    Great news!!! Im leaving this wiki , I'm only in chat or TBoC , but In will ignore rest of thinngs!!! I know that lot of people will be happy. Thanks!

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  • Tonio 321

    We are actually in First Wiki Crisis and WW1 in tBoC too :/




    French Protectorate of Greece

    Russian Empire


    Austrohungarian Empire

    British Empire

    German Empire

    East France

    North France



    Japanese Empire

    Swedish-Norway Union.

    (Dutch Flag) Dutch Empire

    Ottoman Empire


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  • Tonio 321


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  • Pezminer12

    First Elections

    April 9, 2015 by Pezminer12

    Hello, and welcome to the first Elections of the TFOE Map Game Wikia!

    Since there is now only one admin, I will have to promote some people as admin and some as chat moderators.

    BACKSTORY: Miguelhzdb22 was demoted from his administrator controls because he was making random people Chat Moderator without my permission (breaking rules). For this, I removed his administrator rights and controls on the Wikia, and he acted quite poorly after that.

    Potential canidates for Admin, are:

    Drex, Augustolord

    Potential candidates for Chat Mod, are:

    TheChancellor, GanDaiMe

    Vote for each two in the comments section below, and suggest me users that are well active and why they should be canidates.

    Admin Results: Drexmapper (People voted for him, lots)

    Chat Moderator …

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  • Kitsune the Pro


    March 25, 2015 by Kitsune the Pro

    Okay, sorry, i won't be doing anything here for a 2 weeks, IRL is pushing too much on to me.

    i might come by for some random days, but i can't do my turns or other admin things. so i would ask if you would ignore me in those games and you won't kick me from them.

    Update: 31.03.2015. Change of plans, let's make it to 3 weeks. (aka 2 weeks left)

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  • Flaming Spaghetti Monster

    Hello,Since I have become admin of this map game,which is dead for now,I would like to revive it and I want people from this wiki to join,it was really fun specially because it had many secret plots done in chat and everyone was on the expectative of what would happen,so here is the link if anyone wants to join:

    I will give you a little resume of what happened before it died: 1.An alliance was created by european powers,but it has collapsed since some of it's members joined Japan's side. 2.A WW1 nearly broke out between Russia and his allies vs Japan and his allies,but it was avoided. 3.Portugal was defeated in a coalition between Spain,Russia,France,Sweden and Prussia,thei…

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  • Zephyrus Mapping

    About ReDi

    March 22, 2015 by Zephyrus Mapping

    Call me a liar but Renaissance and Descoveries has been taken down by Drexmapper, so don't be surprised if you don't see a "1458" page today.


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  • Tonio 321

    Hey guys , welcome to the exclusive and original blogpost of TBoC!!!! The game starts on Saturday 21 March 2015!!! The Beigging of The Century is a game that proposes change the history with the help of the players.



    Britain-Kitsune the Pro


    Italy-Dementor Mapping


    Portugal-João "like rio" Dinis


    Serbia- Asdf Mapping





    Denmark - Peter Mapping

    Liechenstein - MrNTRDude




    Any nation on Africa has selected.

    USA-Tonio 321

    Mexico-Flaming Ninja M…

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  • Starring94

    First blog

    March 11, 2015 by Starring94

    My first blog on this wiki! Hurray!

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  • Pezminer12

    Rules & Guidelines

    March 11, 2015 by Pezminer12

    Hello, thanks for joining the TFOE Map Game Wikia.

    I would like to assure you the rules of our Wikia.

    1. Respect each other, solve our situations in Map Games peacefully.
    2. Make sure to be active in your Map Game.
    3. If any admins decide to add User Rights to users, they must consult with Pezminer12.

    Those are the three simple rules. More might come.

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  • Goombasaurusrex

    Hello readers! I made this post announcing that gandaime is the map game "admin". This means: I have the power in the map game (sounds tyrannycal, I know), but Gandaime has also power, thus, if I'm absent, he can do the things. 

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  • Augustolord

    Raj Alliance

    March 2, 2015 by Augustolord

    This post is to everyone ho wants to join in the Raj Alliance, or at least make trade agreements.

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  • Tonio 321

    Global Economic Union???

    February 18, 2015 by Tonio 321

    Este es un proyecto Económica para Redi, necesitamos el comercio de la tierra, el comercio de alimentos, el comercio de lana ... Puede utilizar esta Unión Económica para esto !!! Únete a decir "Me" en los comentarios.

    With this económic union , we are joining all our moneys and , for example if you have 70.000 and you join economic unión , when you need 71.000 moneys you can get it but you need vive back the restants 1.000 in debts. You can pay a debut in 3 turno/years , if you don't give back the money in 3 turno , you are santioned and you los a lot of money . If debt is big , the time for give back has longer.

    Castilla Corona

    Imperio Otomano


    Aq QoyunluQoyunlu


    Crimean Khanathe 

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  • The Plumber Bros

    My maps games

    Russia attack

    Turkey attack

    Romania attack

    FInland attack

    Please you think is a map games? Make a Idea between war! max turn to request : turn 2 to turn 5

    Deadline : 25 december 2015

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