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Spain Edit

We annex Aragon , recibe 4000$ from taxes and recluit 3500 , we expand our colony in Western Sahara and Libya.

Ottoman Empire

I don't sell hungary Transilvania and put prison Hungarian people so there are rebellion and I lose 3000 troops. I can sell this lands (without Athens beacuse is under Bzantium control) to Greece but for 40.000$. I put 20.000 troops near Hungarian border and you Hungary after divide have about 18.000 troops. We attack Teribond with 15 War Galleys and 2 Carraks ,and 10.000 troops in transports annexing 2/3 lands.

Greece Edit

We agree to buy Thessaly and Pelloponese from Ottoman Empire for 40.000 $ However , we have small money left , only 2.000 $ so we just advance our troops in egypt about 25 Px i south and southeast of Cyrene.Konstantinus III visits Ottoman Empire and Constantinople and earns even more friendly relations !

Army : 30.000 Money : 2.000 and treasury of gold equals 4.000 $

Cambodia Edit

The final ships are finished and production ceases. Production will resume in 10 years.

$2000 in taxes.

Army: 8,300 Economy: $29,800